Portraits with Mom

The portraits with the bride's mom before the first look with the groom preserve a special memory before the bride embarks on a new chapter in her life.

First Look: at San Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, California

In the heart of Ventura, California, lies a timeless treasure, the San Buenaventura Mission. With its rich history and captivating beauty, this historic site served as the backdrop for a truly unforgettable first look between Karla and Saul.

Ceremony: San Buenaventura Mission

Karla and Saul’s family and friends eagerly gathered at the San Buenaventura Mission for the heartfelt ceremony. The couple exchanged vows beneath the intricate altar. The mission's serene atmosphere and timeless beauty elevated the sacred union of the couple, making it a moment to cherish forever.

Reception: StagecoaCH INN mUSEUM

Golden hour portraits

saving the best for last... these dreamy golden hour portraits around the Stagecoach inn Museum venue.