Photography is my passion. I still remember the first time I felt that spark from taking photos. I was in the fifth grade Boys and Girls club. They had a photography class with some volunteer photographers. They gave us all disposable cameras and let us go wild! One of the photographers could really tell I enjoyed it and encouraged me to continue taking photos outside of the classroom. From that moment on I begged my dad for a camera and continued exploring with disposables. Later on in high school my dad bought me my first camera with his tax return money, a moment I will always be grateful for, as I knew we could barely afford it. It was a Canon Rebel T3. I took it everywhere with me as the years passed; Africa, Europe, and road trips to Mexico. It was not until 2018 when I bought an upgraded version, Canon Rebel T7i. With that camera I began exploring the idea of taking on paid clients and in 2021, with a brand new Canon 5D Mark IV, and with the craziness of the pandemic, I took a risk and started Alejandra Scott Photography. The best decision and leap of faith I have ever made. My passion was born from disposable cameras and it has grown to be one of my favorite creative outlets.