Jenn and Michael's wedding at the breathtaking Ebell of Long Beach, California, was a celebration to remember. The vibrant photos captured their dynamic personalities perfectly. One of the standout elements was the charming details, like Jenn's playful fluffy pink heels and Michael's purple suit. These bold choices not only showcased their individual styles but also symbolized the unique harmony they share as a couple.

The infusion of colors throughout the ceremony and reception mirrored their vibrant spirits, making the event feel alive with energy and joy. It was evident that every element was carefully chosen to reflect their love story and personalities, creating an atmosphere that was both lively and sophisticated.

Jenn and Michael's wedding was a true reflection of their love, filled with laughter, beauty, and a touch of whimsy.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Eve Rox Photography for graciously extending the opportunity to second shoot, allowing me to capture the magic of Jenn and Michael's wedding day from a different perspective.

Venue: @ebelloflb

Getting ready

First look + Portraits

Family Portraits

Ceremony Details


Golden Hour Portraits


... and they lived happily ever after.