Hey friend,

Im so excited you’re here!

Thanks for your interest in my work. Let me introduce myself, my name is Alejandra, but I like going by Alex. I was born in Santa Barbara, but I was raised in Ojai, California on a cute farm. I am the youngest of five siblings and an aunt to 10 kiddos! I am also a wife and mom to a silly little three year old girl, Rayne.

My journey to photography began as a young girl with disposable cameras. In high school my dad bought me my very first digital camera and in college I dipped my toes in film photography and took an appreciation to the art even more. I learned composition, manual settings, and film development. My passion with imagery has evolved into a business that allows me to share my art with the world. The fact of being able to capture a couples most important day, or someone’s proposal, graduation, birth, or family is what fuels me. It is what gives meaning to my life and truly makes me happy.

fun facts:

  • I’m only 4’11 and I’m really good at basketball.
  • I never skip my coffee in the morning.
  • I started a book club (@ojaibookbabes) with my best friend.
  • I ride a Honda CRF 125 dirt bike.
  • I own a 1993 Ford Bronco.
  • I have a one year old German Shepherd/ Black Lab mix doggy named Enzo.
  • My cats name is Kiki (named after Kiki’s Delivery Service).
  • My movie is Spirited Away.
  • I love dancing like no one is watching.
  • I listen to country, jazz, banda, corridos, R&B and reggaeton
  • Gilmore Girls and The Office are my comfort shows.